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MUSIC NEWS: New Albums out for Sept. 2009

Dethklok: Dethalbum II Sept 8, 2009

Slipknot: X Sept 9, 2009

Kittie: In the Black Sept 15, 2009

Megadeth: Endgame Sept 15, 2009

Alice in Chains: Black Turn Into Blue Sept 29, 2009

That's all I have for now, more info to come as I get it available.

MOVIE NEWS: Well District 9 is out in theaters now and yours truly is going to see it soon, from what I understand it's getting great reviews, now that does not make a great movie. Also coming out on Sept 4th is Gamer, OOOO I cant wait for this movie. Not in the near future but coming out eventually is the Live action Robotech movie, I'm not sure how I feel about this being a fan of the original cartoon series, but the rumor mill is also saying a continuation to the Robotech Saga is also in the works taking place after the latest installment called, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Now I'm not sure what else is coming out but I'd love to see another Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy come out as well, DAMNIT DOUGLAS ADAMS GIMME A SEQUEL!

GAME NEWS: With the Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and Firesky games back out fo the crapper there is a new Life for the Stargate Worlds game. MGM the holder of the Stargate franchize said that Cheyenne and Firesky needed to resolve their money issues or they would pull the license for the game to be made. Honestly with all this negative publicity I would have just let it go, but hey who knows here's to hoping they can come out with something decent. Star Trek Online, according the developer, takes place 35 years after the movie Star Trek: Nemesis. The game is rumored to be entering a closed Beta phase in December of 2009. This news comes after Cryptic Studios (the games developer) gave an offer to those that pre ordered Champions online to sign up for a Lifetime or 6 month subscription deal they would get exclusive access into the closed beta of STO. Also coming out in September is Cryptic Studios game Champions Online. Based on the Hero games Book RPG called Champions, Champions Online lets you play what you've always dreamed about... Being a super hero dummy, anyway this isn't Cryptic's first time making a Superhero game, if you remember back in 2005 they created City or Hero's and the sequel City of Villains. Don't get me wrong I'm in the Beta test of this game and I must say it has a lot of promise to it. Now I'm only in the beta of this game to see what to expect out of the Cryptic game engine for Star Trek Online so yea bite me I don't care.

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